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2017 Player Housing

What is player host housing?

Player host housing is a service offered to tour players that relieves the burden of hotel expenses while they compete, wherein, a potential housing host offers player(s) to stay at their home during tournament week.  More importantly, it allows the players to feel comfortable and relaxed in a home away from home.  Player host housing is an essential component of the tour's success, and interested hosts should feel free to apply online, or contact the Housing Coordinator for more information.

If I apply to host a player, am I guaranteed one will stay with me?

No, your application does not guarantee that a player will stay in your home. Your application is just that - an application. Each host family must be screened by the tournament and formally approved for player housing. In addition, player schedules may change at the last minute so a player assigned to your home may not end up competing in the event.

When will I need to be available for this year's tournament?

Players usually begin arriving to the Capital Region a day or two before tournament week.  This year, housing hosts will need to be available Sunday, May 28th through Sunday, June 4th.  If an interested housing host cannot be available that early, please contact the Housing Coordinator for alternate options.

What am I responsible for while hosting a player?

A housing host is responsible for providing a full bed (no air mattresses or pull out couches) and a safe home for the player. The safety and comfort of the player is the number one priority. Providing transportation is not necessary. Each player's schedule varies, so planning a meal can be challenging. We recommend speaking to each player individually to determine their preferences and schedule.

How many players may I host?

Each player requires their own bed. For instance, a host with one guest bedroom and a pull-out sofa may only host one player. Each family may decide how many players they would like to host, provided that each player has their own bed. Blow-up mattresses are not considered beds.

I live over 30 minutes from Capital Hills, may I still apply?

A driving distance of 30 minutes from Capital Hills is the maximum allowed. While the players appreciate the generosity of the community, their preference, understandably, is to be as close to the golf course as possible.

I have pets, is this ok?

There is a section on the online housing form that addresses this question. Most times, it is perfectly fine; however, some players have allergies to specific animals, particularly cats. Please indicate what type of pets you have in your home. We will do our best to match the right player with the right home. While having pets in your home does not disqualify you from hosting a player, due to the personal preferences of the player, it may cause conflicts.

What kinds of reimbursement are provided to housing hosts?

The service, itself, is offered as a volunteer hospitality; though, player housing hosts will receive free 3-day passes to the tournament. Over the years housing hosts have developed life-long relationships with players and participated in a unique and extremely rewarding experience.

Still have unanswered questions?

Please contact Samantha Stuewer at